Larry BraunerAt the Search and Social Leadership Forum, Veronica Fielding, whose Digital Brand Expressions sponsored the event, presented case studies of several companies that had optimized their web marketing campaigns by creating synergy between search and social.

These projects were very complex and required expert execution. However, less complex ways exist for you and I to realize similar synergies, each of us according to our own levels of expertise, by integrating search and social on personal or company blogs. Here are six easy ways you can integrate search and social on your blogs:

  1. Content - Post to your blog very frequently. Blogs are social, and they’re content generators. You write; others comment. When you post to your blog, you’re supplying content that attracts both search engines and humans. When you post frequently, your content is fresh. Readers like to find fresh content, and it’s like caviar for Google and other search engines, since searchers crave it.
  2. Comments – Elicit comments, interact with readers and build your community. Consider making your comments dofollow to increase reader participation. Comments augment content and attract both readers and search engines, just like blog posts. Similarly, frequent comments help even more. Some search engines interpret comments as votes for you and for your authority.
  3. FollowersMake it easy for visitors to follow and subscribe to your blog. The more people following and reading your blog, the more authority being conferred upon you by your audience and by search engines.
  4. Widgets – Install Google Friend Connect and other widgets on your blog to increase followers and your perceived authority. Website widgets can help build your following.
  5. Social – Build relationships with readers on and off your blog. I like to connect on Facebook, Twitter, by phone and face-to-face. Always keep in mind that social media is.. uh social. People who like you and your content will often refer others to you and link to you. Inbound links translate into authority with search engines.
  6. Search – Fine tune your search engine optimization. You may receive more visitors from search than from social, and search visitors tend to be searching for something you have. The search engines close the loop by sending new visitors who read, comment and follow your blog, helping you all over again with search engine positioning.

I’ve enjoyed our brief visit. Now it’s time for you to subscribe and leave me a comment. ;-)


5 Responses to “6 Easy Ways to Integrate Search and Social on Your Blogs”

  1. Ontarian Hawkins on August 1st, 2010 9:56 pm

    Hey Larry, thanks for the info here..

    Short and sweet and to the point..

    These tips will always be prominent if used consistently and wisely.

  2. Larry Brauner on August 2nd, 2010 10:00 pm

    I would like to say more about #6, being social.

    There are some excellent social and business bookmarking sites that have a real social element. For advice on using bookmarking sites, read 12 Tips for Using the Business Exchange Social Bookmarking Site and 10 Tips for Using Social Bookmarking Sites Effectively.

    You should also look beyond the most popular social and business networking sites to find niche sites that might be a great fit for your vertical.

  3. Debi on August 24th, 2010 12:48 pm

    Thanks for the tips again, Larry. Since I have been implementing your tips and ideas my website grade keeps rising. Thanks again.

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