Welkin Capital Group

Welkin Capital GroupWelkin Capital Group provides commercial and residential loans. Unlike conventional lenders, Welkin focuses mainly on commercial mortgage loans and super jumbo loans for luxury homes, empowering Welkin to provide specialized, expert and fast service to our clients.

Funded by private lenders, Welkin can approve you for loans that banks simply can’t match. When you need to borrow serious capital, we can accommodate. Welkin Capital Group provides such premium loan products as:

We understand that for our clients, these kinds of highly specialized loans are often the most effective funding solutions available, and we work to make them accessible to qualified applicants like you.

When you’re ready to purchase a commercial property, Welkin Capital Group makes the financing possible. Get a commercial construction loan, commercial mortgage financing, health care or assisted living loan, hotel loan, or an investment property loan, and a financing option that works for your business. Get the funding you need with the fast, professional service you deserve. Contact us today at 212-481-6700 x101.

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NexStep Innovations

NexStep Small Business ServicesNexStep Innovations Small Business Services helps you devise business strategies to attain your business objectives.

We specialize in using business structuring, tax planning and management, asset protection techniques, and other proven strategies and best practices to help you build the business you envision. Our business development experience enables us to help your growing business evolve into a thriving impactful organization.Working closely with you, we guide you as you move toward achieving your business goals.

NexStep Innovations provides basic and advanced business and corporate structuring, and many other services surrounding the structuring and maintenance of your business. Contact us today at 866-663-5224 to schedule a free consultation and learn what our company can do for yours.

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