Larry BraunerThere are two common reasons that you and your business might not be ready yet to take advantage of social media marketing.

It’s possible that you do not yet have a suitable website or blog site to be the hub of your social media marketing and to convert your traffic. Darren Rowse, the author of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, in his video, How I Use Social Media to Promote My Blogs, explains why you’d want one:

It’s also possible that you haven’t yet created even a rough social media and web marketing plan to work with.

You’ll need to outline your marketing objectives, of course. You’ll also need to specify to whom you’re marketing and determine which subject areas are appropriate to discuss.

Then, you’ll plan a course of action that encompasses your websites, content and social sites prior to launching your social media marketing campaign.

Are you ready for social media marketing?

Larry BraunerSocial media has reinvented the Internet, just as search had 15 years ago. We reflect, and we can perceive endless uses for social media. Nevertheless, social media is limited. Sadly, much of social media doesn’t really work.

The failure of social media has little to do with the technology underpinning it. The technology is exquisite and marvelous innovations emerge each day. If social media success depended entirely on technology, that success would grow exponentially.

Social media involves people. That’s why it’s called social media. Social media success depends upon the people who use it, and that’s a problem. People are socially very limited, and our ability to take instruction, do the right thing, and keep our word is poor, as confirmed by civilization’s track record.

To get more out of social media — and life — we must invest as much in ourselves as we do in technology. If we learn to use social media more correctly, interact more effectively, communicate more honestly and act with greater integrity, our  success  with social media — and our personal relationships — will transform our lives.

Until that occurs, we need to accept that social media doesn’t work, at least not nearly as well as it could.