Larry BraunerI launched my two new business networking sites with several objectives in mind. One key objective was to make available free social media marketing training, as well as other free and low-cost training to a wide small business and entrepreneurial audience.

Register now for free social media marketing training on the Small Business Networking site.

Subjects will include social media marketing, social networking sites, small business websites, blogging, SEO and web analytics.

There will be strong branding opportunities for expert instructors who wish to participate in this free social media marketing training initiative or others on the way. For free social media training, make Small Business Networking your training resource on the web. :)


2 Responses to “Free Social Media Marketing Training”

  1. Chuck Bartok on August 20th, 2010 11:43 pm


    You always deliver what is Needed.
    To go along with your endeavors we just released a very affordable Product that will be an asset to many aspiring Net Biz Entrepreneurs.

    We know Blogging is a major component in the Social media Swirl.

    Check this out…
    Nothing like it on the net.

    Demands work but results are worthwhile, establishing Credibility and attracting Like Minds:

    Thank you again for all of your Valuable service

  2. Adam Frederick on April 21st, 2011 10:57 am

    I look forward to following this blog and gaining insight that will help me enter the world of social media and thrive in it. Thank you for sharing your info.

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