Larry BraunerThere were so many fine speakers at Social Convergence and the Enterprise: Case Studies and Roundtables, hosted by the Business Development Institute, that I didn’t come away with any one favorite. However, I did especially enjoy the fast-paced and data-filled keynote of Brian Kenny, CMCO of the Harvard Business School.

Brian discussed enterprise social media convergence at HBS and presented three other enterprise social media case studies, those of NASA, Intuit and Threadless. He also discussed the state of social media and the direction in which social media is heading.

Rather than attempt to summarize Brian’s keynote speech, which would be too difficult an undertaking, I’ll share with you a few of the points he made that were takeaways for me:

  • The Facebook, Twitter and YouTube social media sites are all experiencing tremendous growth, however, it’s Mobile that’s truly exploding with 6B mobile apps to be downloaded in 2010.
  • Mobile is the platform of the future. The iPhone is the smartphone of choice, at least at HBS where the iPhone is the de facto standard.
  • We can’t connect via social media unless we understand the sociology of social media, which is different from the sociology of traditional media.
  • Twitter is the preferred social medium among Forbes Fortune 100 companies.
  • Social media enables the enterprise to create communities, leverage existing ones, accelerate message distribution and collect research data via crowdsourcing.
  • It’s the marketing function that’s leading the social media revolution.
  • The three dimensions of enterprise social media convergence are across functions, audiences and platforms.

There’s no longer any time for your enterprise to sit on the social media fence, and social media marketing late adopters beware!


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  1. Eli @ Business Sphere on July 27th, 2010 3:43 am

    This is a very good post, Larry, in the sense that Brian Kenny’s speech, the salient points of which you have shared, foretells of the things to come related to social media. Now I know that Twitter is the preferred medium among Fortune 100 biggest corporations.

    More important, I agree that it’s dangerous to be fence sitters in the face of social media’s explosive growth pervading across cultures and social classes. Thus, we must adopt and embraced the new realities and for business, it is like saying “innovate or perish.”

    In other words, make social media as an ally to maximize business growth and profit by using it to the optimum and not to avoid it.

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